The Engineering & Production Manager. is responsible for the day to day functioning of the organisation to achieve the organisational objectives to the satisfaction of the Management, Customers, Suppliers, and the Employees.

The Marketing Manager has to ensure that the set budgetary targets are achieved on a periodic basis and he is supported by Sales Engineers and other Sales Staff. He also takes care the issues related to Customer service.

The Quality Control Department handles all quality related matters. The materials are tested for quality and ensured they are as per the specifications, thickness and other properties. The raw materials storage is inspected and make sure they are protected and handled properly.

After production, each order is checked / inspected before dispatch. Any variation from the order or any damage caused is detected and the necessary action is recommended to the production department. Care is taken to keep the rejected / damaged items to the minimum possible.

The Production Department co-ordinates with Marketing Dept. and the QAQC in effectively planning the job and Optimising the production. The Purchase Officer confirms the specification with the QAQC, stock status with the production dept and the demand position with the marketing dept before finalizing the orders.

The Production supervisor receives the work order and related instructions  from the engineering departmentt for each order and plans his work on a daily basis / weekly basis. Once the products are ready, the QC checks the same and the information is passed on to the Marketing Dept for the necessary actions for delivery.

The Group has a total manpower strength of above 100 with an annual turnover in excess of AED 12 Million. The Super Tech Group has grown from strength to strength, year after year, expanding existing facilities and adding new production units to the group making it one of the most reputed and diversified groups in UAE. Our customers are our valuable source of inspiration who have helped us to spread our wings more wider and higher.

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